Military Cases & International Cases

Military Cases

Military law is a highly specialized area of practice—one that demands a very particular kind of knowledge and practical experience. It requires a thorough understanding of the laws governing armed forces personnel, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Manual for Courts-Martial. Our attorneys understand how the military justice system works and are qualified to represent you in a range of litigation:

  • Administrative discharge situations
  • AWOL cases
  • Federal Tort Claims Act cases
  • Military record correction board matters
  • Representation before boards of inquiry

When you retain our firm as your private counsel, we work in conjunction with your detailed military counsel to protect your rights. Our attorneys are able to push the envelope in ways that your JAG Core detail may not be able to in military court. Our team based approach to litigation gives you confidence of knowing that there is not one, but two, attorneys who are looking out for your best interests.

International Cases

In some cases, we represent foreigners and illegal aliens who have been arrested in Hawaii. Our experience with these types of cases is broad ranging.

In recent history, we have represented telecommunications representatives from the Philippines who were arrested at a local convention center, under allegations of price fixing. We have also represented a New Zealand native in an extradition matter, related to the murder of an alleged member of an organized crime family. Our other clients include a chief engineer on a Pakistani hauler, caught with over 10 tons of hashish on board; As well as reputed members of Japanese organized crime “Yakuza”.

If you are a foreigner or a visitor to Hawaii and you have been arrested, call our offices for experienced legal representation.